SportySwim's Guide to Goggles

To help guide our customers, here are some of our thoughts regarding popular goggles here at SportySwim. Our thoughts and opinions are our own.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to goggles, as each individual is different. It is perfectly natural for swimmers to train in anything from high end racing goggle to a lower end training goggle, and the same concept for racing too. It is very much personal preference, and finding out what works best for you, and how you prefer to wear your goggles.

Training Choice: So many options for competition and leisure swimmers to choose from. 10 years ago, the obvious selection would have been the superb Speedo Merit. Hard wearing, comfortable and cheap! For whatever reason this is now long gone. The Arena Airspeed is our most popular goggle. Lightweight, comfortable and a nice price point with good colour and lens selections. Don’t discount the Arena Tracks, Maru Sonic, Pulse and the TYR Blackhawk.

Racing Choice: The Speedo Hyper Elite and Arena Cobra ranges dominate the market and who can argue. The selection really comes down to the swimmers personal choice. Don’t forget the AquaSphere Xceed which has a big following for those in the know. And the TYR Tracer X which is equally well received.

Junior Choice: Look no further than the TYR Swimples or range of AquaSphere goggles. Soft seals, great comfort and lots of lovely colours and designs.  The Swimples is a really good goggle for thinner faces 5 to 10.

Value Choice: Maru Sonic and Pulse have always been one of the go to goggles of the SportySwim team. A great price, comfortable and loved by everyone. Great choice for training and leisure alike.

Open Water/Triathlon Choice: In our opinion, look no further than the selection of AquaSphere goggles. They’re the experts and eyewear specialists. The Vista & Kayenne are always popular and with the new Defy Ultra as the high end Mask on the market, they will always continue to be one of the specialists in this field. Alternatively, you can look to Zone3 for their specialist Open Water goggle selection!